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[cross-project-issues-dev] Question about a DTP build later today and the release train...

Hey all...

Oisin and STP had so much fun yesterday (not really) on the mailing lists, I thought I'd throw DTP's hat in the ring for a new possibly controversial question...

We have an extension schema-related documentation bug that would require a respin of the DTP 1.6 (Ganymede) RC4 build to create a RC4a. This of course has the ripple effect of changing plug-in code, which will most likely trigger down-stream tests in other consuming components like WTP and BIRT.

(The bug is if anyone's interested.)

We don't want to derail the Ganymede train obviously... So my question is this... Is this a feasible change this late in the game? Or should we push this to the first maintenance release?

Thanks in advance...

Brian Fitzpatrick
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Eclipse Data Tools Platform Connectivity Team Lead
Senior Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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