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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: signing of jars

I should really blog this... but because I'm tired, here's some quick answers. Feel free to ask for more, and I'll elaborate or point you code in CVS.

I'm copying cross-project-issues-dev@ in case anyone else can benefit from this information.

1. Yes, you need signing approval. Someone on your team needs to be able to connect from -> (to upload your jars there), and run /usr/bin/sign. Open a bug in Community > Servers ("Please add user spingel to group signers for Ganymede jar signing") or check the portal -- this capacity might be there. I'm guessing you need to assign the bug to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx and cc: bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx (in case he needs to approve this request).

2. My last post to cross-projects-issues-dev@ "Re: staging directory for jar signs" answers a lot of the process (and provides sample code) for actually doing the signing, and where on the server to do so. You might also enjoy this document too:

3. You can't sign on, so yes, you need to push your zip of jars to, get in the signing queue, wait 'till your signing is done, retrieve your zip, and repackage it into distribution-ready zips. Unless you only publish Mylyn as an update site, in which case you're done once you pack the resulting jars & create your site.xml &

Happy signing!

Nick Boldt :: Release Engineer, IBM Toronto Lab
Eclipse Modeling ::

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Nick Boldt/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA



signing of jars

Hi Nick,

I saw in a mail to cross-projects that you know how to get jars signed for Ganymede which we still haven't done that for Mylyn... I would like to add this to our automated build process but I am a bit lost how to precede.

I saw /usr/bin/sign on Is it just a matter of requesting to get added to the signers group and running the script over all jars before copying them to the update site? Is is advisable to build on or is it better to copy jars there (we currently use for building)?

It would be great if you could help me out or point me to documentation!


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