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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notes from a Heretic: Why do we have the Ganymede update site?

Bjorn wrote on 04/28/2008 06:36:01 PM:

> (1) I would say "ordering a la carte would be difficult without
> *some common mechanism*" but it doesn't have to be an update site.
> For example, in a previous email I mentioned Yoxos and Cloudsmith as
> nice end-user a la carte tools. (I wonder if that email did not get
> out because I haven't seen any comments about my suggestion.)

I'm not familiar with Yoxos or Cloudsmith, but by all means if somebody else is providing a free repository containing all the simultaneous release software, users can access that repository and install things from within the platform, and it scales to the level of demand experienced by our release train, then I see no need for us to duplicate that effort.  They would also need to produce repositories for the milestones that can be used for testing leading up to the release. I don't know about other Eclipse projects, but in the platform project the train milestone sites are used quite a lot for testing integration issues, reproducing bugs, etc.

It wasn't clear to me if you were suggesting that we discard the release train update site immediately, or that we could eventually move to an alternative mechanism in a future release. I certainly hope we'll have better tools for creating, managing, and publishing to p2  repositories in a future release that will take away the pain of maintaining the release train update site. I wouldn't throw away our release train site until we're certain there are better alternatives available today to replace it.


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