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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Migrating your automated tests to use p2's /dropins/ folder


It's funny, I went back there today and thought "how in the #3!! did I
miss all this content?"

But clearly you've been working on it -- thanks!

> Thanks for pestering about documentation - we rely on the community to let
> us know where information is lacking so please speak up if more details are
> needed on any particular topic.

A recent example from my own life (if you'll forgive this bit of
blathering digression) underscores how much we (well, me) take userdoc
for granted & assume that our (my) workflow == everyone's workflow. I
upgraded my mom's machine from Vista Home to MEPIS Linux 7 on the
weekend, and dropped it off at her place while she was out. She called
later to complain "it didn't work", which after much prodding,
translated to "the router needs to be reset" and "I couldn't find a
desktop shortcut for OpenOffice (and didn't think to look under the

Stupidly, I assumed she'd just kick the tires and figure out that
K-Menu > Office > Open Office Writer was the functional equivalent of
Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Word, but I hadn't considered
the "I just use the desktop shortcut" usecase. She did, however,
discover the Post-It I left on the machine w/ her new root password, so
even the technologically illiterate can RTFM when it's placed in front
of them. ;-)

My point is that it's our job to be responsive to the needs of our
user & their usecases (which you are!) and to translate from
uber-p2-geek-developer to I-just-want-to-use-Eclipse user (which
you're working on!). Kudos.

> Also of interest, we have an initial M6 candidate available this morning
> (I20080325-2233). We have been kicking the tires on it, installing WTP,
> TPTP, and various other wads into the dropins folder and it's looking good
> so far. Everyone is encouraged to pick up the builds this week and report
> problems as soon as possible.

You mean like the fact that almost EVERY Junit has failed? :) I see
there's a new build in progress now, so I'll wait for that one. All
those red Xs are a bit worrisome, even if they actually mean "tests
are failing but code is fine".



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