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Re: 答复: [cross-project-issues-dev] Migrating your automated tests touse p2's /dropins/ folder

Wengfeng wrote on 03/26/2008 01:55:09 PM:

> Does P2 also work if Equinox is deployed on app servers?   Does
> system fragments that export/import app server jar to Equinox
> continue to work with P2? Will extension plugins be moved from
> dropins to plugins dynamically?  

I don't know the answer to this right now. Your best bet is to CC yourself on this bug on the subject:

> If we have resource search code (such as searching a report template
> library, or report scripting library, or a custom JDBC driver) that
> needs access to plugins/fragments real OS file system path, is there
> API in platform/p2 that returns the file system path of a plugin?

FileLocator#getBundleFile in org.eclipse.equinox.common, or refer to the resources as streams (using FileLocator#find methods). Since it has always been possible for OSGi bundles to be located in various places, it's never a good idea to make assumptions at runtime  about where they are found on disk. The FileLocator API is designed to help with this.


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