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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Migrating your automated tests to use p2's /dropins/ folder

Ed wrote on 03/26/2008 01:26:24 PM:

> This is really helpful!  The information about the dropins directory
> structure has been well-fleshed out and it looks like such nice flexible
> mechanism.   The instructions don't say anything about needing to take
> explicit action to actually install the plugins that you've dropped into
> the dropins folder.  Such an explicit step is required, right?

Just a restart. As mentioned in the wiki doc, the dropins folder is reconciled on startup and newly discovered content is immediately installed. Just like the plugins directory in Eclipse 3.3.

> I've been trying to bootstrap EMF following the steps in
> but have so far been
> unsuccessful (using the 0324 build).

Yeah, the 0324 build was pretty badly broken. Amusingly, p2 itself is only optionally part of the Eclipse SDK, and the p2 resolver optimized it out during the build process (bug 223825). This was fixed in the 0325 build. We're working on further improvements today to make p2 adoption even easier, so there will likely be more updates tomorrow.


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