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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: platform respin and resulting wtp and tptp changes

Done. I've updated the replaced the WTP all-in-one zip file.

Jeffrey Liu
IBM Rational Software
IBM Toronto Lab.
8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L6G 1C7
Internal mail: D3/UMZ/8200/MKM (D3-268)
T/L: 969 3531
Tel: (905) 413 3531
Fax: (905) 413 4920

Kim Moir/Ottawa/IBM

06/29/2006 11:24 PM

Jeffrey Liu/Toronto/IBM, Hubert H Leung/Toronto/IBM
Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM, Sonia Dimitrov/Ottawa/IBM, Paula Cox/Raleigh/IBM, Steven Wasleski/Raleigh/IBM
platform respin and resulting wtp and tptp changes

Hi Jeff, Hubert

As you are aware, the plaform had to respin tonight  for a broken swt library.

Here is the new build

We anticipate promoting it to 3.2 around midnight tonight.

For WTP, our understanding is that you only need to package the SDK into the all in one downloads. that WTP provides.

For TPTP, as we discussed on the phone, you need to add the swt bits to your RAC download.  

In both cases, your callisto update site submissions will not change, just the download zips.

After you have done so, please push your new bits to the servers so they can be distrubuted to the mirrors as soon as possible.


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