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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] platform will be resubmitting tocallisto

BIRT 2.1 GA is uploaded to Eclipse site, and ready to be mirrored. But it doesn't show up in the Eclipse download link. Is there anything needed to be done from our side?
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Gee, I go offline a few hours and look at all the fun I miss!

I'm hoping Naci Dai can update our parts of WTP effected (while I sleep :)  and announce here soon on the outcome.

It sounds like for WTP or TPTP the update site jars themselves are not effected.

What about the Eclipse Project's update site files ... I have not noticed the features-ep.xml file updated with a new version.
So, just to confirm explicitly, are these jars not effected?

Also, I noticed emf and gmf changed their feature-zzz.xml files recently ... is that any substantial change that should cause me to
re-run my scripts? I do not think so, a quick compare looked like it was just changing the "temporary" areas back to their
permanent areas ... but, emf and gmf teams, please confirm if I've misunderstood and there is something I need to do.


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Please respond to
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Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[cross-project-issues-dev] platform will be resubmitting to callisto

The platform will be resubmitting to Callisto.   Late today we discovered incorrectly built library included in SWT for some Linux platforms.  We have rebuilt the SDK and will have bytes to upload later this evening.  The library is not used in normal Eclipse operation so there is no need for another Go/No-Go round.  The SWT team has confirmed that the new content is correct.  This new build will be bytewise compared to the original 3.2 build to ensure that only the expected changes occurred.

This rebuild impacts TPTP and WTP as they embed parts of the SDK in their downloads.  They have been informed of the situation and we are coordinating with them to create new downloads with the updated content.

This is a summary of what is happening:

- We have started a build M20060629-1905.

- The existing 3.2 build on the servers has been deleted

- Once the build is ready.  Around midnight, when the tests are complete, we will resubmit to Callisto.

In parallel, WTP and TPTP will be able to resubmit their contributions to Callisto

- Once all contributions have been updated, the mirrors should be given the official go to rsync with a further request that ALL mirrors rsync even if they did so earlier in the day.

The platform team is asking that the official Callisto announcement be delayed from 9am until later in the afternoon (e.g., 1400ET) when more mirrors will have the new build.

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