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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC5 delayed a day

Hi Randy ... in case you can't tell, I passed that point long ago and routinely display both my stupidity and ignorance in public  ... one of those side effects of open development :)

But, I do not think you are doing either and asking good questions. (who came up with that "M" label anyway -- we are such creatures of habit  :)

To test "closest to what will be released", I'd recommend everyone use that "M" build base. (but little difference, I think, from RC7 ... nothing that would invalidate RC7 based testing).

As for "SDK vs. runtime" I'd really recommend all teams do a little bit of both, since end-users and developers will being doing both once released. And, while I think in general the "SDK vs. runtime" story needs a fresh re-write for this coming year, we will always have to support and test both, so that's nothing really new. The only difference I'm aware of this year is that if you start with the SDK version, you'll have "capabilities" but not if you start with the runtime version. Unfortunate, and little tested, but seems the best we could do this year -- and, recall, to discover problems like this was one of the reasons we all decided to do Callisto :) .

As I read your note, I checked and it appears there is not a "callisto-friendly runtime binary platform feature" at following URL as I would have expected.

Kim (or others), is it somewhere else? Or just not generated for "M builds" but still could be?

I'm hoping we can have some "callisto-friendly" platform downloads for both full Eclipse SDK and Platform Feature runtime only?  I'm not sure the casual callisto user is that interested in all those various packages of jdt, test suites, etc. and sounds like Wayne has agreed to provide some linkage to both, from the "getting started" pages. (Full to satisfy his preference, and runtime only for those that care about smallest download and footprint).

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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC5 delayed a day

I feel that I’m quickly passing the point from being willing to publicly display my ignorance to being less willing to display my stupidity, but… given some prior discussions about Eclipse 3.2RC7 vs. the more recent “M release” (M20060609-1217), what foundation do you recommend starting from? And… do you see any value in starting from the Eclipse Platform SDK and the Eclipse SDK in addition to starting from the Eclipse Platform runtime just to cover some “usability” bases?

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC5 delayed a day


I'm sorry to say that I can not solve the problem with the BIRT feature updates.
I did take a guess, but that didn't solve everything, so have opened what I
hope is my last "blocker" this release.

I'm guessing BIRT will clear this up quite soon, but, even if fixed right away,
given our policies and realities for mirroring,
we should still allow a day for RC5 to make it through the
mirroring network, so, I expect Callisto RC5 to be available and
announced a day late on 6/23.

In the meantime, if contributing teams/early testers want to double check the
staging area, all other projects can be installed from an update
site from
cross-project-issues-dev mailing list

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