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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC5 delayed a day



I feel that I’m quickly passing the point from being willing to publicly display my ignorance to being less willing to display my stupidity, but… given some prior discussions about Eclipse 3.2RC7 vs. the more recent “M release” (M20060609-1217), what foundation do you recommend starting from? And… do you see any value in starting from the Eclipse Platform SDK and the Eclipse SDK in addition to starting from the Eclipse Platform runtime just to cover some “usability” bases?





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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto RC5 delayed a day


I'm sorry to say that I can not solve the problem with the BIRT feature updates.
I did take a guess, but that didn't solve everything, so have opened what I
hope is my last "blocker" this release.

I'm guessing BIRT will clear this up quite soon, but, even if fixed right away,
given our policies and realities for mirroring,
we should still allow a day for RC5 to make it through the
mirroring network, so, I expect Callisto RC5 to be available and
announced a day late on 6/23.

In the meantime, if contributing teams/early testers want to double check the
staging area, all other projects can be installed from an update
site from

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