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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] unified build process and current base builder

In related news, my not-so-hidden agenda is to make builds and releng so simple that any monkey can do it (be they an EclipseMonkey or one of these:
Ideally, the process of going from "I have some plugins" to "I have a weekly build, UM jars, Maven jars, pack200 jars, zip bundles, promote scripts, automated JUnit tests, RSS notifications, generated release notes, etc." would be streamlined, so that it could be pushed down the chain to Ye Lowly Co-op Student or similar, instead of the pain that it can be these days.
Once Callisto is done, I'd be happy to spend some cycles discussing options and possible solutions to making releng easier... such as generating org.eclipse.myproject.releng from... say, an ecore model or some JET templates. It would be great too if updates to releng.basebuilder could flow smoothly down to projects without the need to know what's changed - simply regenerating your releng project from the latest in CVS would be all you'd need.
And yes, this is a fantastical vision of as-yet science fiction. But one I'd certainly like to see move from the mirage to the oasis state in the near future.
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Friday, April 28, 2006 4:03 PM
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Subject: RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] unified build process and current    base builder

In response to “it would be better to have a good set of tools and processes that would fit in to the way projects want to do builds and their processes, rather than the reverse”, from the CDT perspective, I don’t want to do builds at all J. My not so hidden agenda is to get out of the releng business all together and hand over the reins to a more central group with way more releng expertise than we have on the CDT. I’m sure the CDT community would be happy to follow any process this group would suggest.


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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] unified build process and current base builder


The topic of a unified build process is an interesting and worthwhile one to pursue in the future. My own (quick) thoughts on it is that it would be better to have a good set of tools and processes that would fit in to the way projects want to do builds and their processes, rather than the reverse ... some monolithic processes and extendable scripts that projects would have to fit them selves in to. And,  I suggest, most of these tools and/or scripts should become like other Eclipse deliverables .. API level of stability and support, "owned" by a responsible project, etc.,

Which reminds me ... I know I sure enjoy using the "basebuilder" from the Eclipse Project (we owe them a debt of gratitude ... or chocolate :)

 ... but there is  one timing issue we should plan for: when (or .. should I say if ? )  there is a "final" basebuilder for the Callisto release, when will that be available,   Do other projects use it? (does anyone not use it :)  I'd just like to be sure we use "the right" one as we near the end ... so, thought I'd ask now if "we" (i.e. Kim and Sonia :)
should offer a proposed plan for availability?


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