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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] unified build process and current base builder

David, there is a wiki page that describes the changes when update basebuilder and the associated tags.

We test and update it after each milestone/RC, tag it and update the wiki page. When will the final one be available?  After we have declared the 3.2 platform.

The point  I was trying to make in my previous message was that an uber build might be technically possible and may be useful for integration testing...I don't know for sure.  I wouldn't anticipate teams using a monolithic process for their regular builds.

I think the larger issue is that we need to improve communication across teams regarding release engineering practices and sharing tools. Technical solutions such as RSS feeds etc will help but utimately we need to work together and share information about how to incorporate new functionality/requirements in our builds.


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04/28/2006 03:41 PM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] unified build process and current base        builder

The topic of a unified build process is an interesting and worthwhile one to pursue in the future. My own (quick) thoughts on it is that it would be better to have a good set of tools and processes that would fit in to the way projects want to do builds and their processes, rather than the reverse ... some monolithic processes and extendable scripts that projects would have to fit them selves in to. And,  I suggest, most of these tools and/or scripts should become like other Eclipse deliverables .. API level of stability and support, "owned" by a responsible project, etc.,

Which reminds me ... I know I sure enjoy using the "basebuilder" from the Eclipse Project (we owe them a debt of gratitude ... or chocolate :)

... but there is  one timing issue we should plan for: when (or .. should I say if ? )  there is a "final" basebuilder for the Callisto release, when will that be available,   Do other projects use it? (does anyone not use it :)  I'd just like to be sure we use "the right" one as we near the end ... so, thought I'd ask now if "we" (i.e. Kim and Sonia :)
should offer a proposed plan for availability?

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