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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto quality

This looks good.  it does a nice job of setting expectations, and provides more guidance on how to enter bugs.  +1 from me


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28/04/2006 03:37 PM

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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto quality

Here is some draft text to introduce people to Callisto and to hopefully help set realistic expectations. The idea is to put this at the top of
In case anyone is wondering, the choice of a conversational tone was very much on purpose. See
Comments appreciated.

What is this?
This page is to help users discover and download the projects and features which are part of the Eclipse Callisto simulantaneous release. The idea behind Callisto is to help Eclipse adopters by making ten Eclipse projects available at the same time. We hope that for those building products and applications using Eclipse frameworks and tools having all of these projects available simultaneously will simplify their development.
But it is also important to understand what Callisto is not.
  • Callisto is not a single product. We're co-ordinating the timing of releases, but little or no effort has gone into enabling end-to-end scenarios or ensuring a seamless user experience. It's not that we don't think those are good ideas, but we didn't get to it this time around. Maybe in a future simultaneous release we will have the opportunity to do more along those lines.
  • Downloading Callisto is still going to take some knowledge and effort. Doing what we can to simplify the experience is what this page is about (see below)[1]. In previous Eclipse releases, adopters would typically download the Eclipse SDK or Runtime Binary and then use the UpdateManager to download the other Eclipse projects they needed as they became available. We're making all ten projects available on the same day, but the download experience remains fundamentally the same. Again, this is an area where we may look at improving in the future.
Special Note on Release Candidates (RC's)
As we are entering the end-game for Callisto, it is important that you recognize that each of the projects are still at varying degrees of completion and stability. So, for example, as of the end of April, the Java Development Tools are at RC1 level, which for them means they're pretty solid. Other projects such as CDT are at RC0, which is their first feature freeze release. So don't be surprised by varying degrees of completion and polish. But regardless, we are hoping that you will take the time to try out as many of the Callisto projects as possible and give us your feedback.
You can Help Make Callisto a Better Place!
Shipping ten projects at the same time is a big job. Everyone in the Eclipse community can help - and that includes you. We're asking everyone who downloads any part of Callisto to help us with finding and reporting bugs. No matter how big or small, we are asking that if you notice anything that's not quite right that you report a bug to us. Everyone who reports a bug has an opportunity of having their bug nominated to participate in the Callisto Bug Finding Contest. The author of every nominated bug gets a cool Eclipse Callisto t-shirt, and there are draws for iPods and a grand prize of an Eclipse mountain bike.
When you're reporting your bug, we ask that you please make an effort to determine which project is the source of the bug. But if all else fails, we have defined a Callisto component, so you can report your bug via the Eclipse Foundation. Just go here, select "Callisto" from the Component list and enter your bug. If you need any help with figuring out Eclipse's bug reporting system, you can find some here .

[1] note that this assumes that this text is the preamble to, and that the update instructions will be below._______________________________________________
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