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[cross-project-issues-dev] UM mirroring / automatic retry / fallback / bittorrent?

> The other thing I think has to be worked out before release is the mirror
> problem being discussed in another thread; it needs to have some kind of
> automatic retry and fallback mechanism.

That's a great idea, though given the current UM architecture (someone
correct me if I'm wrong) I don't know if that's possible, especially given
the short timeline. Again, everyone jump on me if I'm being too pessimistic
here. ;-)

However, one way to avoid mirroring pitfalls would be to release a set of
Callisto jars A FULL 24hrs BEFORE the official announcement date so that
mirroring and rsync'ing can occur properly and you don't hit partially
complete replications, missing files, file permission problems (files that
have been mirrored but whose perms haven't been fixed yet). Basically, my
advice to anyone who wants a driver (zip or jars) is: HAVE PATIENCE. ;-)
Even though there's way more bandwidth at than there was for
3.0 or 3.1's release, the problem is still one of supply (mirrors) & demand
(impatient downloaders).

As a side note, I've often pondered the value of Bittorrent for getting

For the curious, here's how the train of thought goes:

1. We could provide a Callisto.torrent which would include all the feature
and plugin jars in one folder, and so people could snag the torrent to get
everything in one download instead of 100s of separate http requests for
unique jar files.

2. Only problem here is - again - having to wait for enough seeds to make
this a feasible way of getting the files quickly. If Callisto.torrent
contained tracker information which included all the available Callisto
mirrors, then we might be able to do double duty here - mirrors would both
be http/ftp mirrors, but also bittorrent seeds.

3. I realize that bittorrent would not work (yet) w/ UM, but it would be
another way for the non-Newb community to get the files in a single
download thus saving the UM bandwidth for the Newbs, and providing even
more mirror sites (ie., P2P seeds) than are currently available once
keeners got involved and started seeding too. For those of us out there
already using BT on a regular basis, I'd happily get Callisto using the
method - provided the speed was adequate.

4. I guess it might be possible to just provide a way to "bittorrent
enable" an existing Eclipse + Callisto setup, if you grab the torrent and
point it at your Eclipse install folder, so you could download quickly w/
UM and then seed your jars for others who'd want them the BT way.


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