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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto experience take 2

The web page changes help but are incomplete. I'm trying to approach this as a new user. This is a stream-of-conciousness log so bear with me.
1. says to install the Platform Runtime Binary but should link to . Hmm, zip files. Why not a nice install program?
2. The Callisto page says "Use the update manager". Is that like "Use the force"? :) I clicked on the link for the Callisto update site. It says I need to have at least the "Eclipse 3.2 Platform Feature". Is that the same as "Platform Runtime Binary" (using my new user hat remember)? Hmm, ok the 3rd sentence explains that. The 4th sentence says to read the Eclipse Help. I click on that and it says use Help > Software Updates.
Hmm, where's the Help menu? Oh I see one, it says "Help and support center / Is this copy of Windows legal / About Windows". Maybe this one: "Help contents / Release notes / About Mozilla Firefox". Nobody told me I had to start Eclipse at this point (don't laugh).
3. Ok, Eclipse started... hmm, nice Intro screen, why doesn't it say anything about Callisto or updates or anything like that? I see four big icons: Overview, Tutorials, Samples, What's new. Overview is ok. Tutorials and Samples are completely blank. What's new is so-so, not really helpful to me at this point.
4. I find Help > Software Updates, etc.. The help said I needed to Add an Update Site. What do I add?
Assuming I know enough to ignore that part of the help and select Help > Software Updates > Install/Update. The default is "Search for updates of the currently installed features". If I'm not paying attention and just hit Finish then it's going to tell me there are no updates.
5. Ok, say I'm paying attention, and select "Search for new features to install". I see:
     _  Callisto Update Site
     _ update site (sic)
Which one is right? Why isn't one selected by default? Why can't I edit them to see where they point to?
6. Oh look, a little question mark, click on that for help. It's not terribly helpful, what's a bookmark, what's a feature, what does prepackaged mean, and why is there a little square after "OS, locale, etc.)_"
7. I don't even want to know what will happen if I pick the " update site" so I click the first option. I click Finish and get... an error dialog that says:
Problem Occurred
Network connection problems encountered during search.
I click on Details and get:
Network connection problems encountered during search.
  Unable to access "".
    Unable to access site: "" [Connection refused: connect]
    Unable to access site: "" [Connection refused: connect]
I click OK and get another dialog:
No features found on the selected site(). Choose a differen...
No features found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site category.
The problem of course is it needs a proxy setting, but the new user would have no clue. Why couldn't it pick up the Operating system proxy setting? IE works, FF works, after all I got this Platform runtime thingy with no problem.
8. I sent eclipse-dev an email :) and a lot of people sent me nasty replies about that not being the right place but somebody told me what to do. I select Window > Preferences > Install/Update, click on Enable HTTP proxy, type the proxy host and proxy port.
Why is 'automatically select mirrors' not the default? Why are Automatic Updates not turned on by default? It should default to look for updates at some random time once a week, and it should default to 'Download new updates automatically and notify me when ready to install them'.
9. I click OK. Then Help > Software Updates > Find and Install. Why do I have to go through that again, couldn't it have prompted me for a proxy in the middle of the first update? Anyway, I hit Next, and Finish. Searching, searching, searching. Beep! Search results:
   _ Callisto Update Site
"This Callisto Update Site contains the M5a level of feature and plug-in for a number of Eclipse based projects."(sic)
I expand that and see all kinds of stuff... but that's all I have time for for now.
Just try walking through this and pretend you're not an expert and you'll run into many of the same problems. Or watch someone else try to use it.

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