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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto experience take 2

I believe a walkthru like that first page you mentioned would go a long way, plus rewording of a few things in the instructions and error messages I pointed out. It could be made much more approachable without a lot of work.

The other thing I think has to be worked out before release is the mirror problem being discussed in another thread; it needs to have some kind of automatic retry and fallback mechanism.

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This is a very valid exercise, which (in theory) all of us should use for every process/UI we design. Assuming that the user has either the time to explore & test stuff out, or the skills to read between the lines, is never a wise assumption, so kudos for taking the time to put on the noob hat. ;-)

What do you think about providing a walkthru, similar to this document from a year or so ago (in need of updating, of course)...

I'd suggest linking such a Callisto-based version of that document right off the initial splash page when you start up Eclipse, so that noobs can get though this more easily. Or how about a viewlet, like:

Or even just a Cheat Sheet, like the one in the above GMF tutorial?

Or... since the update process is all done w/ Java anyway, why can't it be put behind a single toolbar or Welcome Screen button, bypassing all the UI choices and just providing everything w/ a single click?

We need to make this process simpler - but because there isn't really much time left for that, Plan B would be for better  / more consistent labelling, and better instructions.

I volunteer to help, but only if others will too.


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