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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto experience take 2

Thanks (psst, enter bugs, write them well, win some prizes - so far there are zero entries in the "greatbugs" contest so it should be easy to win).

And while I agree that we can make it easier to install/experience, I think this sentence in your email is the key point:
Just try walking through this and pretend you're not an expert and you'll run into many of the same problems. Or watch someone else try to use it.
What level of user are we targetting? I think we are targetting someone with substantially more Eclipse experience than you think we are targetting. The goal of Callisto is fairly simple: to simultaneously release ten projects. We are not trying (in the Callisto time frame) to make a single integrated product out of the projects. Such an integration is a great goal and perhaps the goal that we will adopt in the next integrated release, but (so far) it is not a goal for this effort.

This "what is our target user" is a good point to discuss - perhaps I am mistaken about the Callisto teams' goals...

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