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[cross-project-issues-dev] Problems with Callisto download directions 's main page now says "Callisto M5 Build available for download posted 13­03­2006" (

Problem 1: This is not Callisto, it's just 3.2M5. There's nothing on that target page about Callisto.

Problem 2: It's 3.2M5 and not even 3.2M5a. Nobody should be freshly installing M5 (without the a).

The main page also has an image for the "callisto bug hunt" which links to

This has a link "How to install Callisto" (

The first step says "Download and install the appropriate Platform 3.2 SDK" (

Problem 3: It should say Platform Runtime Binary instead of SDK. (actually I think it should be something even smaller but that's a different post)

Problem 4: This is just the generic download page. You have to hunt for the right version, and there are 4 versions near the top that say "3.2". And it would be easy to miss "3.2" from the instructions and click on "Latest Release" instead which gets you 3.1.2.

Problem 5: Platform Runtime Binary should be first on that page (or even better, a special page created with *only* the minimum runtimes).

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