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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto / Planning Council meeting at EclipseCon, Sunday 6-8pm, Alameda room

The union of the Planning Council and the Callisto Team are meeting at EclipseCon on Sunday evening 6-8pm in the Alameda room. (See this picture, look on the second level, at the top on the center right.) Sandwich-like dinner food is being provided.

Please feel free to invite any and all relevant Callisto people to this meeting. If someone on your team has useful things to say about Callisto, they are invited.

The agenda:
  • Status of current release candidate and of risk issues related to RC0
  • Discussion of release engineering issues
  • Discussion of how M5 testing has gone to date
  • Architectural / user interface / integration issues
  • Other (the things Bjorn is not sufficiently imaginative to write here)

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