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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Problems with Callisto download directions

Thanks Ed, I fixed these. 's main page now says "Callisto M5 Build available for download posted 13­03­2006" (

Problem 1: This is not Callisto, it's just 3.2M5. There's nothing on that target page about Callisto.
Now it goes to the Callisto page.
Problem 2: It's 3.2M5 and not even 3.2M5a. Nobody should be freshly installing M5 (without the a).
I fixed the instructions on the Callisto page.
Problem 3: It should say Platform Runtime Binary instead of SDK. (actually I think it should be something even smaller but that's a different post)
same fix
Problem 4: This is just the generic download page. You have to hunt for the right version, and there are 4 versions near the top that say "3.2". And it would be easy to miss "3.2" from the instructions and click on "Latest Release" instead which gets you 3.1.2.

I added instructions on where to find this.
Problem 5: Platform Runtime Binary should be first on that page (or even better, a special page created with *only* the minimum runtimes).

Ah, that we're probably not going to get to right away.

- Bjorn

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