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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site readyfortesting ... sort of

Bjorn Freeman-Benson writes:
>	This is about the "simultaneous release of the ten projects"
> and we will work hard to make them work together, but there is
> no guarantee that that will happen. 

Well, perhaps I read too much into it but I definitely got the impression all the pieces were supposed to work together. Here are some quotes and press coverage that implies that too:
"Callisto's goal is to eliminate uncertainity about project version numbers" 
"The consolidated release of Eclipse technology is driven by efficiency. Users get all the technologies at once, and they will work together. "It will end the discovery problem" pertaining to Eclipse technologies by providing multiple offerings in one download, Wagner said. Commercial companies will be able to build products on top of Callisto."
"[Callisto puts] in place some processes to help projects get bug fixes from one another in a timely manner."
"WTP's focus for Callisto will be on working well when integrated with all the plugins from the other projects and adopting the 3.2 platform API changes."

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