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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site ready fortesting ... sort of

The user expectation is that there will be one true update site for Callisto. All Callisto projects are supposed to work together in a seamless experience. You can't guarantee that if you allow multiple update sites.
For example suppose CDT releases a new version in a few months that is incompatible with Callisto. Or suppose VE releases a new version that relies on a new version of EMF that would break WTP.
Therefore I suggest that you settle on one update site and keep it up to date with maintenance releases until the next major release train (Ganymede?) and NOT add random update URLs in the features.xml files.

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Thanks Doug.

But, please do not plan on using Callisto as your only update site,

I'd like to emphasize that projects are (still) responsible for having their own
update sites -- and Callisto should be viewed as a common Discovery Site.  
Each project  should still "implant" your own projects update URL in your features.xml ... as your CDT one currently does.

      <update label="%updateSiteName" url=""/>

This is, mostly, to have a place to put your updates (fixes) ... there is no commitment to use Callisto in the future for fix updates.

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