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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site ready fortesting ... sort of

Well, I guess the users are going to be disappointed because I just don't see this (one update site for maintenance as well) happening for Callisto. We'll talk about this at our next planning phone call.

But I do want to clarify: "Callisto" is the "Callisto Simultaneous Release". There is no promise of "work together in a seamless experience". We have been very careful not to promise that as we do not believe that to be possible in the Callisto time frame. This is about the "simultaneous release of the ten projects" and we will work hard to make them work together, but there is no guarantee that that will happen.
The user expectation is that there will be one true update site for Callisto. All Callisto projects are supposed to work together in a seamless experience. You can't guarantee that if you allow multiple update sites.

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