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Re: [config-dev] Tree structure vs flat structure discussion thread

On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 9:34 AM David Lloyd <david.lloyd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
we're going to continue to go around and around without accomplishing anything until we can finally stop arguing about implementation and start discussing the actual use cases we want the APIs and SPIs to support.

I for one do not have infinite time; in fact I have many responsibilities that are not related to this specification. Spending even just an hour every week getting nowhere is not a good use of what little time I have available. We should have been much farther along by now, but every week we're almost starting over again, because every time someone new joins the group we have to re-justify what little consensus exists. Why? Because we don't have a solid foundation of documented use cases.

+1 {Mario coin noise}
You can't have a cogent specification without starting from use cases. It is simply not possible.

But rather than working towards consensus on use cases, we are for some reason using code dumps as a proxy.


I've added thoughts in the Github discussion which is I guess where this is now taking place?


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