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Re: [cdt-dev] Is there interest in a rewritten managed build?

Jan Baeyens <jan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
FYI: IMHO this is not Eclipse-internal stuff;  it is all(?) CDT stuff.

When I wrote “Eclipse-internal”, I was counting CDT (including MBS and our own extensions on top of it) as part of Eclipse – as opposed to make and build tools that know nothing about Eclipse and CDT.

I agree there is actual extra functionality in Macro's. But what I do not know is: "how can a user use this extra functionality?". Can you provide a hands-on example of using Macro lists that has real user value?

All I can say is that we are using it, I don’t know if that use adds any value that couldn’t be added otherwise. Our toolchain has tools with list-valued options (resulting in command line options that appear multiple times), and our own code provides the recommended list of values (computed on demand) as a macro. The default value of the option is a reference to that macro, so if the user doesn’t do anything, they get the recommended values. But they have the option of adding more values to the list or removing the macro reference that provides the recommended ones.

         name="INOS config (-k)"

(Usually users don’t need to do anything in the “Tool Settings” tab pictured here, all settings are made on a higher level in our own UI. The main requirement isn’t the ability for the user to customize (we could add that on our own layer if needed), but that we can supply option values programmatically, computed on demand at makefile generation (or indexing) time, ideally without being stored in .cproject.)


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