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Re: [cdt-dev] Is there interest in a rewritten managed build?

Jan Baeyens <jan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What is the reasoning to make the toolchain a child of configuration and not project type?

Different configurations need to be able to use different toolchains?

(Which, as previously mentioned, is functionality we are currently not using but reimplementing ourselves on a different layer, which I’m questioning, being unaware of the exact original reasons for the decision.)

> As far as I can see the macro's are converted to environment variables

Where do you see that? I don’t recall having ever seen anything like this, and a quick experiment with putting "set" in a pre-build command (on Windows, would be "env" on Unix) seems to disprove it as well.

Maybe you meant to say the opposite – all environment variables are also made available as macros, even the ones contributed by a configurationEnvironmentSupplier. That seems to be confirmed by a quick experiment, so I guess it would indeed be possible to do away with some configurationMacroSuppliers and replace them with configurationEnvironmentSuppliers. It seems weird though to litter the environment of build tools with all that Eclipse-internal stuff.

> and have no extra functionality that actually can be used

Macros can be either string-valued or list-valued. I don’t think there’s a built-in way to use environment variables as lists?


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