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Re: [cdt-dev] LLVM/Clang toolchain broken

Hi Joost,

This is probably enough for the next release, but I will have to review. CDT (and most of Eclipse) have strong rules for maintaining API which makes deleting old code non-trivial sometimes. It may be the best way forward is a new plug-in called ...clang that is just a copy and past of existing llvm with the fixes. I will need to review the patch to see what is best. So the next step would be to submit the contribution via Gerrit. See for step-by-step instructions and come back to me if anything isn't clear enough. Unfortunately we cannot accept patches via any other method.

I will try to answer the rest of your questions later today, but I can't right now. 

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Sat, 18 Jan 2020 at 12:14, Joost Kraaijeveld <J.Kraaijeveld@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

At the moment I have:

- created a local bug535565 branch from CDT-9_10_0,
- removed the LLVM-page from Eclipse by removing the LLVM-preference
page in the org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.llvm.ui plugin.xml,
- commented out the code that caused the bugs 535565, 527757 and
probably 500186.

As far as I have tested, it now works for me (Linux, Debian Testing,
i.e. Debian/Bullseye, Clang only). I have attached a patch created by
choosing "Team->Synchronize workspace", select all differences, "create
patch", and then saved it as file.

Some questions...

- Is this enough for getting a minimal real working Clang-support for
the next release of the CDT? If so, what should be my next steps?
If nt: what do you expect?
- Should I remove all the code that is related to the removed LLVM-
preference page?
- What do you hope that I should do more as a minimal effort form
- What should be my next steps?

For the future:

- I do not quite understand what Jan means. I do think that rethinking
and documenting some parts of the design would be nice though.
- I do not think that *removing* a separate Clang (LLVM???) plug-in is
the way to go. Although Clang is very compatible with GCC, it also has
specific differences.  Copy&paste re-use and manually maintaining
(structural) similarity comes to mind. E.g. GCC and Clang share a lot

of stuff but seem to be surprising unrelated in terms of the CDT-plugin
- I prefer to leave out the non-Clang(++) stuff because I do not know
anything about the LLVM-stuff. I think that the CDT should compile
C/C++ programs.

FWIW: I really *hate* and don't (maybe want to) understand all the
configuration/declarative XML-stuff. I prefer readable real code. Does
anyone knows a readable tutorial for creating Eclipse plug-ins that
explains the whole extension point stuff?


Joost Kraaijeveld
Hommelseweg 123
6821 LD Arnhem
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