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Re: [cdt-dev] General concept question

On Mon, 6 Jan 2020 at 03:44, Christian Walther <walther@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> “Processing inclusion from feature org.eclipse.cdt.platform: Unable to find plug-in: org.eclipse.cdt_0.0.0. Please check the error log for more details.”

I have no idea of the stability of export deployable features - I have seen that some devs use it on their own machines, but it is not how CDT is built for the release - that is Tycho. But of course you don't need to build CDT (or even have the sources in your workspace) if you are not editing CDT itself. It can be useful to have the sources in your workspace to navigate code and such.

> org.eclipse.e4.core.di.InjectionException: Could not find satisfiable constructor in org.eclipse.epp.internal.logging.aeri.ide.notifications.MylynNotificationsSupport

The AERI feature of Eclipse is no longer maintained and probably should be removed from the CDT target platform. I have raised to handle its removal. In the meantime you can just ignore the error.

I'm sorry, I'm unfamiliar with these errors and can't help you with them. Last time I used the "Getting started with CDT development" instructions a few years ago, they worked for me.


Thank you Christian for all the support you have been providing.

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