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[cdt-dev] Doxygen

Hi all,

I'm working on improvement of Doxygen support in CDT. We need to add new options in order to let the user fine tune the behavior. At the moment I could see four or five options like:

1) Use structured commands, @class, @struct and so on;
2) Use javadoc style for tags '@' instead of '\'
3) Use different style for enums like //< or /**< and so on
4) Use always @brief or not
5) If brief is enabled, an option for a new line or not after for detailed description

The question: where should we add these options? The only option we have now is under C/C++->Editor where the user can switch the doc owner for project/workspace. Maybe a new page C/C++->Doxygen?? Or maybe adding the options under the comment section of formatter? In JDT Javadoc options are there but Java and C/C++ are quite different because Javadoc is built-in, Doxygen is an external tool not strict related with C/C++. If we not add the options to the formatter (where I'm more familiar with), is there any common framework to manage options in CDT about load/save? I was looking at DocCommentOwnerManager but I don't know if the right class.
Any hint is welcome.


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