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[cdt-dev] Eclipse 2018-09 RC2's CDT

Hello folks,

CDT for Eclipse 2018-09 RC2 is now been posted. (Note that the new simultaneous releases are named by their planned release year-month, no longer by a name.)

The CDT p2 repo is and is based on commit 55569e158ce4a.

The complete bundled C/C++ Package (the one that will be posted to will be ready this Friday/Saturday. Link to follow.

We are releasing CDT 9.5.3 as part of the 2018-09 simultaneous release. 


This is our schedule for publishing CDT's contribution 2018-09 release schedule. See SimRel 2018-09 Plan for further details.  (The EPP generally will be available on Friday of the same week):
Today   10 Sept - 2018-09 RC2
Then we are in Quiet week(s) until the release on Wed 19 Sept.

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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