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[cdt-dev] Request for another last-minute patch for CDT 2018-09 RC2

In testing the CPP EPP RC1, I cannot get a Meson project to index for a Launchbar Container build.  It appears to be a threading issue as the problem does not occur using Photon with the same sources.  What happens is that the gcc of the tmpfile used to represent a source file is failing due to the tmpfile not being accessible.  I noticed that the scanner info routines in ContainerGCCToolChain were being called at the same time by multiple threads.

I added synchronized keywords to the scanner info get rountines in ContainerGCCToolChain and this fixed the problem for me in my testing (using 2018-09 committer EPP with CDT and Linux Tools Docker plug-ins checked out).

I have submitted a gerrit change for the CDT_9_5 branch with Jonah as reviewer.

Without the change, Meson container build won't work and there is no work around I know of because removing the header cache doesn't fix it.  CMake Container build should fail the same way, though I didn't test it.

-- Jeff J.

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