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Re: [cdt-dev] Using Eclipse CDT to debug process running on a remote Instruction Set Simulation running LLDB-Server - suppress eclipse sending -exec-continue

Hello Bewoayia

Take a look at the 'GDB Hardware Debugging' launch configuration type. It offers more flexibility to specify which GDB commands are issued as part of the launch sequence. You can specify both GDB/MI commands and non-MI commands in the Initialization Commands and Run Commands boxes.


John Dallaway

On 14/08/2018 12:50, Bewoayia Kebianyor wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I have some questions on using the Eclipse CDT to debug a process running on a hardware Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). On a remote machine an ISS simulator is started which started an LLDB server and waits for the client connection and further commands. I have used the standard C/C++ Remote Application Launch Configuration to launch a debug session for connecting to the server from eclipse. Instead of GDB, the LLDB-MI (for target system) is used as debugger. The client connects from eclipse to the target, as requires, but fails when the -exec-continue command is sent because the process has not yet been attached to at the server. Therefore, I would like to prevent eclipse from sending the exec-continue command after the connection to the server is established. Instead I would like to attach the process by sending "process attach pid" command. Using lldb-mi from the commandline works as expected for debugging the process running in the ISS.

Unfortunately I tried the remote attach application lunch type, but it does not work as only gdbserver is supported for remote debugging and on remote system the ISS starts an LLDB-server for target system (SBTarget not supported as error message).

I have read several information from the internet, but could not directly find the best way of doing this. I am thinking of creating plugin interface a custom C/C++ debugger from CDT. I would later like to control/manage the commands sent from the client to the target for watching variables, mem etc.

Can anyone please point to me any link to a sample project which I could use as reference for doing this?

Is there any way to prevent eclipse from sending the -exec-continue without creating a custom plugin?

Thanks and Regards,


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