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[cdt-dev] Using Eclipse CDT to debug process running on a remote Instruction Set Simulation running LLDB-Server - suppress eclipse sending -exec-continue

Hello Everyone,

I have some questions on using the Eclipse CDT to debug a process running on a hardware Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). On a remote machine an ISS simulator is started which started an LLDB server and waits for the client connection and further commands. I have used the standard C/C++ Remote Application Launch Configuration to launch a debug session for connecting to the server from eclipse. Instead of GDB, the LLDB-MI (for target system) is used as debugger. The client connects from eclipse to the target, as requires, but fails when the -exec-continue command is sent because the process has not yet been attached to at the server. Therefore, I would like to prevent eclipse from sending the exec-continue command after the connection to the server is established. Instead I would like to attach the process by sending "process attach pid" command. Using lldb-mi from the commandline works as expected for debugging the process running in the ISS.

Unfortunately I tried the remote attach application lunch type, but it does not work as only gdbserver is supported for remote debugging and on remote system the ISS starts an LLDB-server for target system (SBTarget not supported as error message).

I have read several information from the internet, but could not directly find the best way of doing this. I am thinking of creating plugin interface a custom C/C++ debugger from CDT. I would later like to control/manage the commands sent from the client to the target for watching variables, mem etc. 

Can anyone please point to me any link to a sample project which I could use as reference for doing this? 

Is there any way to prevent eclipse from sending the -exec-continue without creating a custom plugin?

Thanks and Regards,


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