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Re: [cdt-dev] When is CDT 9.6?

> -----Original Message-----
> > +1. Have we double checked that the 9.5 URL is in place to pick up the fix
> releases? (Having forgotten to do that one release 😉).
> Yes, in CDT:
> feature/p2.inf
> and EPP:
> ipse.epp.package.cpp.feature/p2.inf#n43
> You'll notice that it is enabled by default for EPP and not for CDT.
> Perhaps we should change that so users installing CDT without using EPP get
> notified of updates by default?

No, it should be a product based thing. If you are building a different product with CDT you may want to do further qualification before granting your user's the updates.

> > We also need to branch at some point. I don't mind doing that right at the last
> build unless someone has something they want to get started with for 9.6.
> My personal preference would be to do it right after RC3 so that RC4 can be
> built from the new job and that is when master can be opened up for 9.6 dev.

OK, that sounds like a good plan.


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