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[cdt-dev] lsp4e-cpp gerrit checking

Hi folks,

Its pretty exciting to see some lsp4e-cpp changes coming through!

At the moment lsp4e-cpp is not part of the main build (i.e. it is
ignored if you do mvn ... in the cdt root). This means that the
cdt-verify-* jobs are rather pointless for changes containing
lsp4e-cpp changes. As a result I have disabled gerrit jobs running on
changes to the lsp4e-cpp directory.

I have added a job that simply votes +1 for lsp4e-cpp changes. You can
see an example of that here:

When the lsp4e-cpp is integrated into the maven configs I can add/edit
the Jenkins jobs.

I hope that helps.

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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