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[cdt-dev] IIndex.getFilesWithUnresolvedIncludes() does not take the include path into account

When doing my elaborated testing I found 2 issue in the method getFilesWithUnresolvedIncludes method. The method does not take into account the fact whether (1) the include is on the include path nor (2) casing.
To reproduce do the following

Create a project with a .cpp file containing

#include "TEST.H"

In a subfolder create the file test.h

The indexer will resolve the #include "TEST.H" to "subfolder/test.h"

I see 2 problems with this.

The first is the casing. Which may be because I am on windows which is case insensitive for filenames.

The second problem is that the compiler will complain because subfolder is not on the include path. When the file is not found the error message in the left bottom of eclipse states the "file is not found in the include path". So at least there is some inconsistency there.

I have been looking through the code to locate the issue but this database chunck pdom is way above my head and I can't make heads nor tails from it. Hopefully someone else can and is willing to take this to heart. I'm quite willing to do work on this but I need guidance on where to look.
I created a issue

Best regards

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