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[cdt-dev] How to get quickfix to work


This is probably not the place to ask this question but I fear other locations will not result in proper attention.
I am busy recording a new and noteworthy for Sloeber 3.1 released on the 1th of August 2016 (yes I'm seriously behind schedule ;-) )

And because we upgraded to neon in the product I thought this is a perfect time to put CDT (improvements) in the picture.
So looking at the new and noteworthy I was pleasantly surprised to read

Create New Class - Quick Fix

I never saw a quickfix in CDT so I tested it asap. However ... didn't work.
I tried with CDT 9.0 9.2 and a latest CDT installed with oomph.
I never get a quickfix.
I googled a bit and found this basically the same message: quickfix doesn't work.

At this point in writing this mail I find that when I right click on the red bug (codan error) and select quick fix it does work. Also ctrl+1 works.
In java you get the quick fix by hovering, I and apparently many people seem to be unable to find other ways ;-) .
I think we should consider showing the quickfix when hovering or at least add to the hover "quick fix ctrl+1" if a quick fix exists.

Best regards


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