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[cdt-dev] .settings/language.settings.xml meant to be revision controlled?

Hi all,

I wonder if there is some guidance whether to put .settings/language.settings.xml under revision control or not.


Looking at the contents, I see indicators to put it under revision control, since all developers should share the same settings, and not re-enter them every time the project is imported, e.g.:

-          The list of all enabled language settings providers that the project requires is stored there.

-          Adding user settings and enabling “Store entries in project settings” stores my user setting there.


On the other hand, there is the GCCBuiltinSpecsDetector with the env-hash attribute, whose value depends on the user’s environment. Its value depends on the value of the user’s PATH environment variable, and thus sharing is not possible.


I tend to treat everything in the .settings folder to be put under revision control. In this case, however, storing the env-hash attribute in .settings/language.settings.xml as opposed to .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core/<project-name>.language.settings.xml seems to be a bug.


Any opinions?


Greetings, Jens.

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