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[cdt-dev] Branch cdt_9_1 created

Hi all,

the branch cdt_9_1 has been created and will be used for our 9.1 release next month.
The master branch can again be used for new features for the 9.2 release.

Remember that bug fixes that you want in 9.1 should be committed both on master
and on cdt_9_1.

I branched off the RC1 build, which was commit 955c971682ebe2893363044ced64637be3a50516
There were two commits already on master after that:

>From Doug: "Scanner discovery for CMake projects" for which I created a gerrit review to cherry-pick it on cdt_9_1
>From Sergey: "Cosmetics" which I didn't cherry-pick, as I wasn't sure it was necessary for 9.1.



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