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Re: [cdt-dev] Question on IManagedCommandLineGenerator

Sebastian Wagner wrote:
> I want to implement my own IManagedCommandLineGenerator.
> Is there a way to know the build configuration from which generateCommandLineInfo has been called? 

This is an excerpt from our code, does that help you?

	public IManagedCommandLineInfo generateCommandLineInfo(ITool tool,
			String commandName, String[] flags, String outputFlag,
			String outputPrefix, String outputName, String[] inputResources,
			String commandLinePattern) {
		IConfiguration conf;
		IBuildObject p = tool.getParent();
		if (p instanceof IToolChain) {
			conf = ((IToolChain) p).getParent();
		} else if (p instanceof IResourceConfiguration) {
			conf = ((IResourceConfiguration) p).getParent();
		} else {
			assert false; // according to docs
			conf = null;


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