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[cdt-dev] Creating an Eclipse CDT Plugin to read a file from the project root and set include paths

Hi everyone,

Could someone direct me to some tutorial or example code to get me
started on this?

Let's say I have a Makefile project but this project is run through a
custom build script that would take the include paths from a file called
'include-spec.json' and assign them to environment variables before
calling Make.

I want to write a simple Eclipse CDT plugin that reads this file and
sets the include paths for the project. Reading the file and parsing
JSON part is no problem. How can I have an Eclipse CDT plugin that can
change the include paths for the project? Also can someone point me to
the hooks that get called when a file is changed or the project is

I do apologize if this is a simple question and documentation is
available somewhere obvious to some of you. Unfortunately my search
didn't yield much.

Can Selcik

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