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Re: [cdt-dev] missing org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core in Neon?

> On 25 May 2016, at 01:57, Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... I'll put together a gerrit tomorrow with the corresponding changes to gnu arm plugins and we'll see where we get to.

I added a branch (develop-v3) where I updated the build configuration to use luna/201502271000 and JavaSE-1.7 (from kepler and 1.6).

if you can suggest changes to make the plug-ins run on Neon, please be sure these changes still run within these constraints.

I'll also try to take a look at the code, and possibly remove some of the dependencies, or bring the required classes in the project.

> On 25 May 2016, at 04:21, Doug Schaefer <cdtdoug@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just make sure CDI is not reintroduced.

the GNU ARM plug-ins never used CDI. the references are in the classes handling the Debugger tab in the interface; by the time the GNU ARM plug-ins were written, the original Debugger tab had these dependencies, so I inherited them without having a clear idea what it is going on.

> On 25 May 2016, at 04:58, John Cortell <john.cortell@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> That said, API that is removed should have been marked deprecated for at least 2-3 years, IMO. If that wasn't the case here, it seems reasonable to cry foul.

I took a look at some of files in the latest sources available for this plug-in (in the 8.8 branch), and could not find any mention to being deprecated.



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