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Re: [cdt-dev] missing org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core in Neon?

On 24 May 2016 at 22:36, Liviu Ionescu <ilg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
however, if in CDT 9.0 we have the greatest and latest API, and all new code uses it successfully, I still do not understand what harm can produce keeping some of the old classes in the distribution (the org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core), and avoid all these discussions. no need to maintain them, mark them as deprecated, and just keep them there for a while, until everything will be migrated to 9.0 and compatibility with 8.x will no longer be required.

The point is rather moot because the problem with the ARM plugins is not the removal of org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core. That removal only led to your first visible error. Had CDT left org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core in CDT 9.0 and users installed the ARM plug-ins the problems the users would have faced would be weird class errors instead and would not have triggered until that specific code was run. 


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