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[cdt-dev] CDT Managed Build - parallel build issues

Greetings CDT Team,


Elena suggested that I post to this mail list.


Regarding a couple of open bugs with the parallel build feature of the managed build.


I am in the final stages of producing a set of CDT plug ins targeting a proprietary MCU my company produces. The firmware for this MCU is only produced internally at Synaptics by Synaptics employees. Recently I determined that the parallel build feature has a couple of specific crippling bugs.


When using parallel build, 'Build Project' always results in a full rebuild


Duplicate of 217674

internal builder always runs when 'Parallel Builds' is enabled


Change 11286 relate to the above bugs.

I am not confident this fix is in the binary releases.


Parallel build using generated makefile doesn't manage dependencies


Is the status of these bugs accurate?

I am specifically using Luna 4.4.2.


Please tell me how I may have these bugs fixed.

I am willing to either commit my resources to fix these bugs or perhaps pay someone with the knowledge to have them fixed.

So far I have successfully avoided creating a proprietary fork of the CDT.

If I commit resources can I get support to have these fixes pushed upstream in a timely manner?

Is there another approach that you would prefer?


Your attention to this issue is appreciated.



J.R. Heisey                            Synaptics, Inc.

Manager, Firmware Tools                1251 McKay Drive

+1 408 904-1598                        San Jose CA 95131



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