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[cdt-dev] Changing default toolchain options from a template


I'm implementing a template for Eclipse CDT. The goal is to a add a new project type which will be displayed in the “New C Project” dialog. The template is meant to change a number of compiler/linker options, add a few include paths and files to the project. Reading through CDT docs and Stackoverflow[1], I have found the way to implement most of these features by adding process definitions to the template XML file.

However, I can't find a way to solve one particular issue. The project template restricts the use of toolchains to Cross GCC:

<template id="projectTemplate" projectType="" ... >
    <toolChain id="cdt.managedbuild.toolchain.gnu.cross.base">

CDT adds an additional page to the project wizard which allows to set toolchain prefix and path. I need to have these parameters fixed and derived from an environment variable. It would be great to set these variables before the page is opened, and optionally hide this wizard page at all.

Is it possible to do it without providing my own toolchain definition? If not, how can I derive my toolchain from CDT's “Cross GCC” and only remove the mentioned project wizard page?



Vlad Ivanov

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