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[cdt-dev] Breakpoint conference call minutes and actions


here are the minutes and actions of today's Breakpoint improvement conference call.
For this effort, we'll resurrect the "Breakpoints working group" wiki that Pawel started a while ago:

We identified 5 high-level requirements that we will focus on:
  1- Users have trouble seeing where a breakpoint actually applies (target, thread, core, etc)
  2- Users need a good way to control where a breakpoint should apply
  3- Need to persist user-configured applicability of breakpoints
  4- Need multiple breakpoints at the same location so as to configure each one differently
  5- Synchronization with the GDB console should work in all cases

The next meeting, tentatively set for May 24th, will focus on different demos that try to
address Req #1 above.  We also plan on investigating how other IDEs address these

Thanks to the attendees.


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