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Re: [cdt-dev] CMake support in Eclipse CDT

Am Freitag, 27. November 2015, 19:56:35 schrieb Doug Schaefer:
> Cool, thanks Martin. We have to be careful looking at it with copyrights
> and stuff, unless you donate it.

It is already under EPL, and since I did it for myself for use at work, no 
problems to donate it.
But at the current time, please consider my plugin being a user experience 
study. It is still tied too much to the CDT managed build API and as such has 
a confusing UI.

> In the end though, I want to build CMake support on top of the new build
> system which should eliminate the problems you mention, and possibly
> introduce new ones. I¹m well into the Qt qmake support and it¹s turning
> out really well.

IMHO, IDEs should concentrate on the developers by providing code 
completion/Goto declaration/etc stuff. From my experience with CI and as a 
programmer, I would always prefer to have some kind of build script: IDEs 
come and go, scripts last longer.
Concerning CDT, I wish CDT would concentrate more on its scanner/indexer 
qualities and provide an API that allows to build tool integrators to feed 
the indexer with include paths and #defines from a build-script generator or 
build-output parser.
CDT should *not* concentrate on build-script generation, there should be an 
extra project on that only cares about that -- at least for 
languages, that need extra buildscript generation step. (Remember, cmake is 
not focused on the C/C++ language, it can be used for fortran, java, and 
other languages.) 
> The one thing I haven¹t thought of is a CMakeLists.txt editor. We have

I use <>. It provides syntax 
highlighting and code completion (for cmake 2.8.x), but forgets undo history, 
if you save the file.


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