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[cdt-dev] CMake support in Eclipse CDT


Sorry, if I chime in late here.
On the cmake users mailing list, someone told me that Doug is working on 
integration of cmake into CDT.

In Reply to <> I 
want to tell, that there already is a plugin in the marketplace [1] to 
integrate cmake (I am the author of). It invokes cmake to generate the 
makefiles, tries to parse cmake error output and has a build output parser 
that feeds defines and include paths to the indexer. 

The CDT developers might want to take my plugin as an inspiration and also 
might want to glance at the comments in sources [2] denoting the problems to 
integrate a new build script generator into the existing CDT model (in 
contrast to autotools plugin, which took the 'I must be run first' approach.)

On a second branch [3], you will find an (unsuccessful) experiment that tried 
to get rid of any kind of CDT driven buildscript generation but relies on the 
C/C++ indexer to provide fast source code navigation/documentation 
tooltips/code completion to the end user.



Cd wrttn wtht vwls s mch trsr.

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