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Re: [cdt-dev] CMake support in Eclipse CDT

Cool, thanks Martin. We have to be careful looking at it with copyrights
and stuff, unless you donate it.

In the end though, I want to build CMake support on top of the new build
system which should eliminate the problems you mention, and possibly
introduce new ones. I¹m well into the Qt qmake support and it¹s turning
out really well.

The one thing I haven¹t thought of is a CMakeLists.txt editor. We have
built a Qt .pro project file editor with a few content assist features and
the resource listeners that add/remove source files to the SOURCES list.
Would love to have something similar for CMake.

At any rate, I don¹t think I¹ll have time for that for a while. Marc-Andre
had mentioned interest in this. We¹ll see how things fall out.


On 2015-11-27, 1:07 PM, "cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Martin
Weber" <cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of
fifteenknots505@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Sorry, if I chime in late here.
>On the cmake users mailing list, someone told me that Doug is working on
>integration of cmake into CDT.
>In Reply to <>
>want to tell, that there already is a plugin in the marketplace [1] to
>integrate cmake (I am the author of). It invokes cmake to generate the
>makefiles, tries to parse cmake error output and has a build output
>that feeds defines and include paths to the indexer.
>The CDT developers might want to take my plugin as an inspiration and
>might want to glance at the comments in sources [2] denoting the problems
>integrate a new build script generator into the existing CDT model (in
>contrast to autotools plugin, which took the 'I must be run first'
>On a second branch [3], you will find an (unsuccessful) experiment that
>to get rid of any kind of CDT driven buildscript generation but relies on
>C/C++ indexer to provide fast source code navigation/documentation
>tooltips/code completion to the end user.
>	Martin
>Cd wrttn wtht vwls s mch trsr.
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