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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Debug: Attached Programs and "Terminate" button

Hi Martin,

I don't know if this specific point has been brought up before.

I think that in the attach case, the point is valid although I wonder if it is the kind of "error" you make once and then adapt, or if it is something that a user will repeatedly do?  If it is repeatedly done, then your proposal seems like a good way forward.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT Debug: Attached Programs and "Terminate" button

Hi all,


It’s happened a couple times to me that I had attached a running program and when done debugging, I pressed the “Terminate” button.


Intuitive expectation was that this would just terminate the debug session (==disconnect the debugger) but in CDT, it actually terminates the debuggee.


I know that the Debugger offers both “Terminate” and “Disconnect” buttons, but I’m just so used to terminating debug sessions with the terminate button.

It’s a real usability pitfall for me, since terminating the program under test unexpectedly can have pretty annoying consequences.

Somehow I’d expect an “are you sure” kind of dialog that offers (a) terminate the inferior, (b) detach but keep suspended, (c) detach and resume along with a “don’t ask again” box to remember the behavior.


GDB offers an interactive question on exit – note that it detaches rather than terminating:

gdb /usr/bin/xterm 27681

(gdb) quit

A debugging session is active.


Inferior 1 [process 27851] will be detached.


Quit anyway? (y or n)


Is it just me wanting this in CDT too, or is this a known enhancement request ? Has it been discussed before ?






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